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released November 29, 2014




Angil and the Hiddentracks France

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Track Name: Soaking the lines
Bending the lines
Moving the lines
Breaking the lines
Soaking the lines

I don't want to write a song about our mutual bad experience and disappointment.
It would be way too easy and I feel like everyone’s been expecting it including myself.
I don’t intend to write for -------- any longer because I took it and nailed it according to my own standards.
And I don’t give a fuck about ---niversal and distrust the -------- cuts of the Freudian take-over on modern Western societies.
I don’t hate hatchets.
Like Pearson’s Everything we miss. “Silently, with endless patience, some things wait and long to be found”.

You were found but now you’re blind. You could see, but you were lost then.

You couldn’t trust them. ‘Them’ being the rest of the world organized against you in a system.
There is no such thing as a system. But I can’t begin to prove it without being systematic.
I was hoping, and still am, that I am not part of one.
I belong to the category of those who try not to belong to a category. And fail. But die trying.
And I’m trying hard not to write about ----- and me. We’re not heavy-headed minds. But.

You can’t fire me because I quit. I won’t be hit, I give up on guilt.
Track Name: Raise your eyebrows in the air (like you just don't care)
Living with her was logical. Leaving her was natural.
Being a jerk was logical. Being a father was natural.

I lived beyond my emotional, above my financial, outside my intellectual capacities and city hall.

Raise your eyebrows in the air, like you just don’t care.

The story is not original. Though I want it individual.
I just stopped acting like a doll and fell in love with someone beautiful
Track Name: Gospels
A preacher now but I can’t find the gospels.
A teacher now, with a consciousness.

I only wanted to make things work.
All I did was make things worse.
Though I’ve mostly been talking about warfare, I’ve never read Sun-Tzu or Shcoendoerffer.

I still no longer love you.
I will never for ever think of you.
Sunny Sundays, moody Mondays
I’ve grown tired, I need a holiday.
Track Name: The major chords
In the mail today, I got the news.
In my mind today, I got to choose.
In the music today, the major chords or the minor chords.

In the mail today, I got the blues.
In my heart I decided to choose
The major chords.